Sorry Justin Trudeau, the women of this world have found another hero

(This article  was earlier posted unfinished. This is the full version. Hope you enjoy it.)

In 2015 a young and dashing man took charge of four million square miles of this planet. He lived in a far away land and began his leadership of a far away people. And even though we had never met, I was convinced we were meant to be. Me and him, we would get on like icing on a cupcake.

Justin Trudeau. Good looks, progressive policies, feminist, a gender balanced cabinet, refugee taker, yoga stretcher and the thing that clinched it for me: he plays with babies! Now you tell me if that’s not irresistable!

And I wasn’t alone. Millions of women swooned then and continued to swoon for years. There were pictures of his butt and pictures of his dimples, close ups of his tattoos and inspections of his hairstyle. And then, and THEN, he opened his mouth! He said things like: We beat fear with hope. We shouldn’t be ashamed to call ourselves feminists. Change starts with transparency.

But wait, not only was he intelligent, just, gorgeous, honest and tight-butted, he also expressed that he was IN FAVOR OF LEGALIZING CANNABIS.

Someone give him a tight suit and a cape already! The women of the world would never find another hero like him.

Or so we thought.

Enter Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron, the savvy heartthrob president of the most romantic country on the planet and the schoolboy-turned-husband of a woman twenty years his senior.

Okay, so you think it is creepy? A young student obsessing over his teacher and eventually marrying her? What is wrong with him, I’ve heard friends say. He is so handsome, he is marry a woman so much older…and worse still…his teacher!!!!

Can I just say that being attracted to your teacher is perfectly normal. Oh, trust me I know as does the entire female population of the class of 1989. Mr Whitmore was his name. His eyes were icy blue and his hair was just-right-messy. He wore the tightest trousers and loosest tie. Mr Whitmore would speak of patterns and laws and theories. He would speak of Newton’s Law Of Motion and it would set my heart in motion. He would speak of Tension and Elasticity and my whole body would tense. He would teach Thermal Conduction and you could feel the zap of electricity in the classroom. Oh we gushed and we sighed at his every word. And most of us failed because none of us was really listening to understand Physics. In our heads, some of us were sitting in a cinema with him, others were sipping coke from the same bottle, and yet others were doing unspeakable things with him

Now please admit that you had such a teacher too, you had that crush in the classroom. If you didn’t, you should ask for a refund of your school fees. Anyway, I was saying that Macron married his teacher who is also older than him and this has been quite a hot topic in the media. Some people have been quick to comment that it is just  too predatory on the part of the teacher.

Well me and my band of sisters disagrees. What a hero to fall in love at fifteen and remain in love with the same woman for the rest of his life! God knows the world could use more men like him.

Do you know what he told her when he left school to study elsewhere? “Whatever you do, I will marry you.”

Now THAT is romantic. Do you know how many women WAIT and WAIT and WAIT for their man to pop the question, to offer the ring, to make that commitment?

And here is this kid, bright future ahead, all the world to conquer and only one woman in his heart. If that doesn’t make your heart skip a beat I don’t know what will.

The son of two doctors, Macron was raised in a fairly inconspicuous French town before moving to Paris to pass his baccalaureate followed by a degree in Political Science. He is a prize-winning pianist and has a  Masters in philosophy from the most prestigious school in France. He worked as an investment banker before joining the civil service in his role as minister of economy, industry and digital data under President Francois Hollande.

So there you go my friends, he left school a boy and took on the world with the zest and passion of a true hero. And all the while, through all the successes and failures, he still had her on his mind and in his heart. Sigh…only the French….

The media has been spectacularly insensitive, blowing up close-ups of her wrinkles, picking on her sense of style, accusing her of being his coach and orchestrating his success. Why is it so difficult to understand and accept this atypical and unconventional relationship? Why do eyebrows not rise when an older man weds a younger woman? Why the double standards? Did you know that the age difference between Macron and his wife is the same as that between Trump and Melania (or whatever her name is)?

I say, power to the men who dare marry a woman of 64, power to the women who have the grace and dignity to bear with the wrath society throws at them, power to love at any age or at any stage or gender.

Long live romance!

Long live love!

To quote none other than the lover-boy himself: We do not have a classic family, it’s undeniable. But do we have less love in this family? I do not think so. Maybe there’s even more than conventional families.

Sorry Trudeau, I have moved on. I am headed to Paris this summer.


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